Sump Cleaner

Sump Cleaner

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Sump Cleaner

We export and manufacture sump cleaner, coolant sump cleaner, sump cleaning system, pump sump cleaning system, sump cleaning machines, sump vacuum cleaner for big sump cleaning applications. It will suck the metal chips, dust debris and coolant  to the top of the tank. Then coolant is filtered by the special filters inside the collection tank system. This model available in portable or stationary versions. Sump Cleaner keeps the machines clean and free of bacteria and fungus.


  • Tank capacity upto 75 to 500 litres
  • High Suction rate upto 3000 to 5000 mm of Wg
  • Available in 230 V / 50 Hz and 415 V / 50 Hz
  • Complete with hose and cleaning tools
  • Easy to move with trolley type