Vacuum Motor

Vacuum Motor

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The offered Vacuum Motor is used as an integral part of blower fan, vacuum cleaner and other industrial equipments. This powerful and energy efficient motor sucks air through the HEPA filter of vacuum cleaner in order to send the collected air into the filter section of this cleaning equipment. This motor enables vacuum cleaner to draw and convey air with pressure in order to generate negative pressure. The provided motor is attached to a centrifugal fan which starts rotating along with motor immediately after supplying of power.  Easy to comprehend mechanism, rigid structure, high rotational speed, long working life and ergonomic design are some of the key features of this Vacuum Motor.


  • The provided motor is appreciated for its long working life and high speed functioning
  • It consumes less electricity
  • Precise design
  • It has a key role in drawing and transferring air under pressure to produce negative pressure